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Comment from : GAME OVER.

Whithney Khaises
Love this hit till this #2020
Comment from : Whithney Khaises

Barbara Obodo
2019 still listening 👂🏽
Comment from : Barbara Obodo

Dacey Duval
Comment from : Dacey Duval

aj coleman
Love the humming from enya
Comment from : aj coleman

Tyler Buck
I like that song in 2004
Comment from : Tyler Buck

Rebeca Taylor
Comment from : Rebeca Taylor

priencess sexy
I love this song
Comment from : priencess sexy

Aiman Shahfri
💔 H E A R T B R E A K I N G 💔
Comment from : Aiman Shahfri

Lori Weaver
nope this song never gets old
Comment from : Lori Weaver

sam perez
9 years pass, i'm still bumpin in 2k19, who else ??
Comment from : sam perez

Albigan Quad
B!tches aint sh!t but ho3s and tricks
Comment from : Albigan Quad

Elaine Callaghan
I don't wanna know 💔
Comment from : Elaine Callaghan

Selena Todd
Still in my feelings in 2018😭 who else
Comment from : Selena Todd

Débora Abreu Firmino
Me amarro nessa música! Desde 2006, a 1a vez que ouvi e ainda estava no Ensino Médio!
Comment from : Débora Abreu Firmino

Trinity Thomas
this song gets me in the feels the same way every time i listen to it
Comment from : Trinity Thomas

Comment from : SRi

Arianna Orellana
Listening to this with a tear in my eye at 3AM..
Comment from : Arianna Orellana

GemmaLou W
Isn't it extra G's not cheese lol
Comment from : GemmaLou W

JT Da Legend
2017 still bumpin #JTDaLegend
Comment from : JT Da Legend

Kanan Hasanov
This song never gets old.
Comment from : Kanan Hasanov

Skyler Brigitte
Forever will be one of my favorite throwback songs 🌹
Comment from : Skyler Brigitte

The Anarkist
fuck dat! Bitch I wanna know!!!

Comment from : The Anarkist

annaliese grange
Still listening in 2017 💋
Comment from : annaliese grange

Comment from : JAMAAL Cooper

katina stephens
one of my FAVORITE
Comment from : katina stephens

Красавичк так держать!
Comment from : 21bet

Donna Cloutier
Comment from : Donna Cloutier

Donna Cloutier
i love this song
Comment from : Donna Cloutier

Donna Cloutier
i love this song
Comment from : Donna Cloutier

Starr Vega
I miss my ex boyfriend his name is Brandon
Comment from : Starr Vega

Yessiee cx
he doesn't wanna know....but he already knows... heartbreaking but I love it
Comment from : Yessiee cx

Stayce Shiro
I stil love this song so much
Comment from : Stayce Shiro

Trinity Cummings
Damn this song got a girl in they feelings😂😩💀😌😟
Comment from : Trinity Cummings

Linda Parker
The emotion you can feel when he sings this song gives me chills. Cheaters are worse than serial killers. Just remember, once a cheater always a cheater.
Comment from : Linda Parker

Beautiful song, it makes you want to cry
Comment from : Aditya

mary Castillo
i like. this. song 💝💝💝💝💝
Comment from : mary Castillo

shaun valenzuela
this is a really good song
Comment from : shaun valenzuela

Ashery Marwa
amazing song
Comment from : Ashery Marwa

still listnig in 2016 lol
Comment from : TheOneAndOnly

sydnee west
The Fugees- Ready or not
Comment from : sydnee west

Louisa de Cuba
Never meant to hurt you zuzu..my bad
Comment from : Louisa de Cuba

sarah aitmhandoubrahim
Hey who ever u are get out from my you tube okay this is my you tube
Comment from : sarah aitmhandoubrahim

sarah aitmhandoubrahim
Heeeeeeeeey this is Sarah nice to meet u chris brown he is mine stay away from him okay he is my baby my sweat heart I love chris brown
Comment from : sarah aitmhandoubrahim

Eliza Lang
This is a great so for every relationship ppl go through..…..And 2015 i'm still listening to my favor throw back.…....
Comment from : Eliza Lang

Paola Espinosa
I fell in love with the song from the moment I heard it 💕
Comment from : Paola Espinosa

Hany Mustafa
Enya, bitches!
Comment from : Hany Mustafa

Alisha Price
This was my favorite song years ago i finally found it :-)
Comment from : Alisha Price

Nena Rodriguez
Comment from : Nena Rodriguez

love this song
Comment from : TCK OTB

Iman Love
got me over here stressinn. 2014 and this song will never get old.
Comment from : Iman Love

This song makes me cry each time I hear it cause I went though the same thing even now
Comment from : MrNaruto4008

marinos achilleos
Nigga, i go wanna know.
Comment from : marinos achilleos

Nakira Berrios
I just kept it to myself like never do tht
Comment from : Nakira Berrios

samantha boeh
If you're creepin', please don't let it show".........."Do the creep"
Comment from : samantha boeh

Taylor Darby
Comment from : Taylor Darby

Taylor Darby
Comment from : Taylor Darby

Shakil Ahmed
Nearly 2014 and still listening xD
Comment from : Shakil Ahmed

nikki skylar
every time i hear this song i think of sotiri
Comment from : nikki skylar

Salim W
Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide.  Gonna find you and make you want me.
Comment from : Salim W

Ileana Diaz
The background music is exactly as the one that comes out in the movie "Sleepwalkers" lol 
Comment from : Ileana Diaz

courtney scott
this song is touching because you will never know if the person who you really love is cheating either male or female or both it a good song
Comment from : courtney scott

if you dont know this track, then check out oldschools : massari, dj rado, ginuwine, aaliyah, nate dogg, peaches n'cream, swizz beats, many many more. dont forget your childhood!
Comment from : tali543

Ebbe Lightyear
Never heard that before, no irony ;)
Comment from : Ebbe Lightyear

elizabeth kunnel
i have the same problem with my bf :(
Comment from : elizabeth kunnel

shahad miah
luv this song
Comment from : shahad miah

fuckthebullshyt trueloveummright
this song is actually how I feel about my dude !!! ( I don't want to know )
Comment from : fuckthebullshyt trueloveummright

Kelian Gonzalez
You're* jesus christ, impossible to get a video with good grammar
Comment from : Kelian Gonzalez

i love it! until listening in 3018
Comment from : gocpejone1

this song reminds me of my dad i don't know why it just does
Comment from : Jaeda143

Comment from : magentastealth

I listen to it before jesus was born on my iStone.
Comment from : Yeahwa1

Kenya Soto
somebody say they saw yu the person yu were kissing wasnt me and i would never ask yu i just kept it to myself.. i dont want to know! aye!!!!
Comment from : Kenya Soto

furiat Ino
great song ;)
Comment from : furiat Ino

like if your listening to this in 2012 !! woop woop !!! :D
Comment from : Versaace_ll

Would totally be awesome to have a built-in brainsystem x)
Comment from : RoninAway

listening to this with my nokia 3310 ;)
Comment from : ExTaZzy1o7o

No, i'm listening this with my fucking Smartphone in 21. december 2012!
Comment from : ・Bloodαrts・

Moritz Jenny
Listening to it in 2013 ha!
Comment from : Moritz Jenny

no... i'm still listening this in 2142 on py Iphone 20
Comment from : Ardit

I'm listening to This on my iStone in 100 B.C.
Comment from : MrDingbat231

grew up with that song *-*
Comment from : UglyPolarBe4R

Mista Bond
cool song ever I heard when heart was broken
Comment from : Mista Bond

Im listening to this in 2013! :D
Comment from : Phantom

its like ready or not -fugees
Comment from : Sasenka12397

william Richardson
mario winans lo mejor
Comment from : william Richardson

Comment from : procro

Comment from : shutupkeeley

Is the music in the background Enya - Bodicea?
Comment from : shutupkeeley

Königs größe
10 hours version?!
Comment from : Königs größe

Caroline Duliat
brought here by P. diddy ' I need a girl' woohooo :D
Comment from : Caroline Duliat

Koushiro Izumi
I'm using a iPickup Mini :))
Comment from : Koushiro Izumi

Adrian Do
gonna listen in 2013 too! pwned!
Comment from : Adrian Do

Josue Martinez
Comment from : Josue Martinez

You're dumb, its cheese
Comment from : heiney11

Dú Maroc
whos listening this in 1875 but me :D
Comment from : Dú Maroc

Patrick Dierig
haha :D
Comment from : Patrick Dierig

Crazy Legs
i was listening to this in 1868 with my smartstone
Comment from : Crazy Legs

King James Queen Dee
Its gave you extra g's!! Retarts
Comment from : King James Queen Dee

Laura sc
liiiebe <3
Comment from : Laura sc

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