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Bilkis Fardiansyah
Comment from : Bilkis Fardiansyah

Nighat Parveen
Who from tik tok
Comment from : Nighat Parveen

Aarushi Singh
Comment from : Aarushi Singh

Brandie Taylor
I absolutly love your songs maroon 5! I wish that i could meet you one day.
nxvnc bncfnvdfnvkndfbgdjgbjdfgjsjfgzsrgfskhgzdhkbndfnbnzgndfn!

Comment from : Brandie Taylor

just me
Comment from : just me

Gauri Kesava Kumar
Still watching it in 2020.!
Comment from : Gauri Kesava Kumar

Ashley Huidrom
This song is somewhat emotional but every comments are hilarious 😂 I can't 🤣🤣
Comment from : Ashley Huidrom

Emma W
When you lose your phone and have someone call it so you can hear it but still cant find it.
Comment from : Emma W

Why are all the comments so cringey
Comment from : k

Mj Bel
Comment from : Mj Bel

klara b
Comment from : klara b

Fátima Campusano Reyes
Comment from : Fátima Campusano Reyes

Dakota Lawton-Mills
I hope a map leads to my true love lol😞
Comment from : Dakota Lawton-Mills

Famia Waheed
Comment from : Famia Waheed

Laura Ghobari
when u lose ur mom in the mall!
Comment from : Laura Ghobari

Yang- Chan
Comment from : Yang- Chan

Vihaan Sharma
Comment from : Vihaan Sharma

Deliutza Ștephy
Comment from : Deliutza Ștephy

Magdalena Majan
I can be the first sweet
Who's watching in 2020

Comment from : Magdalena Majan

Hayden Ho
This song rocks
Comment from : Hayden Ho

Caleb Vancura
Anyone in 2020?
Comment from : Caleb Vancura

2020 anyone?
Comment from : It’sThatAnimator!

José Palacios
Whos watch in 2020??
Comment from : José Palacios

Moony's Luminals
2020 anyone?
Comment from : Moony's Luminals

serin nauraarrr
Comment from : serin nauraarrr

Jung Hoseok
Comment from : Jung Hoseok

James Charles just Kissed you

Like to

Comment from : Souma-kun

Bãd Gãsha
Comment from : Bãd Gãsha

Ashley Benitez
Comment from : Ashley Benitez

Hailey Cotta
5 year old me : I drew a map to a better place the tv where my anime is .
11 year old me : wtf is this looking in a box it's the direction's to my tv .

Comment from : Hailey Cotta

okxay myxa
Yo this is the best❤😍❤❤❤
Comment from : okxay myxa

Vina Mulia
Whos watch this in december 2019? Give me like
Comment from : Vina Mulia

Andrea Thomason
Comment from : Andrea Thomason

Mc Pinat
Who's listening this 2020?
Comment from : Mc Pinat

Skylar Budzien
This was my childhood song I'm crying 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Skylar Budzien

Whoes watch in 2020?
Comment from : ニッコリキムさん

Malakai Dayish
Oh yeahhh
Comment from : Malakai Dayish

Key Kozak
Any almost 2020s people watching?
Comment from : Key Kozak

Beautiful Song❤️😍
Comment from : _.beq.trjce.__

Ryan Rex
Anyone come here for the Yeah, yeah, yeahs, and didn’t even know this song existed?
Comment from : Ryan Rex

2019 y aun no me la dedican, bien bien jaja
Comment from : Maraya

Dan Peters
Wait, scratch that, 667

Comment from : Dan Peters

This never gets old ❤️
Comment from : Naileah

brian menendez
Maps - Vintage 1970s Soul Maroon 5 Cover ft. Morgan James

Comment from : brian menendez

Cisney Land
Right now a stupid person is writing: who's listening in 2019 just to get likes over their comment.
Comment from : Cisney Land

B a n a n a m i l k
This song brings back memories when I was happy I used to go to Las Vegas and they used to play this on the radio :)
Comment from : B a n a n a m i l k

Anyone listening in 2019? :)
Comment from : MasterPhatRyan

Who's watching in 2020 haha one step ahead. 😂😂😂
Comment from : JOKER

Andrew Cook
I disliked the video, only because of the missing bracket on the end of the video title.
Comment from : Andrew Cook

Syamil Basayef
No doubt. Why do I always love to sing this song even until right now? We knew the answer, we knew it.
Comment from : Syamil Basayef

houssam 09
Comment from : houssam 09

awesome sounds like old police
Comment from : C L

Mico Aldwin Ganalon
i did love this song
Comment from : Mico Aldwin Ganalon

Shri Mokhasi
Who’s listening to this because the music video is too depressing😂😂😂
Comment from : Shri Mokhasi

sumit thakur
my symbol this song
Comment from : sumit thakur

Olivia Strickland
I felt that when he said "were where u"
Comment from : Olivia Strickland

Ray Lam
This is the best song ever?
Comment from : Ray Lam

BlackPink FanLisaRose GachaTuber
This remindes me of someone..
Comment from : BlackPink FanLisaRose GachaTuber

ayu rapra
I was there for u when the darkest time :"
Comment from : ayu rapra

TwiliLady Nightcore
Stop saying 2019. Just shut up amd listen to your music. No one cares. I just love this song as it brings back to the time where music was less worse than now.
Comment from : TwiliLady Nightcore

Lil Sad
youtu.be/pKod6hjHt70 go listen and share everywhere please
Comment from : Lil Sad

Rachel Gillis
Maroon5 sounds like the band the Police
Comment from : Rachel Gillis

Rachel Gillis
Is Tulare still running in First,. Or is

Comment from : Rachel Gillis

Rachel Gillis
I wonder where Wanda went
Comment from : Rachel Gillis

Rachel Gillis
Someone is making my stomach upset, nose run and run a fever
Comment from : Rachel Gillis

Boris Miaka
One of my favorite songs
Comment from : Boris Miaka

Muhammad amin Amin
Comment from : Muhammad amin Amin

Im following that leads to you plz like im always following
Comment from : MAGMA BOY GAMING

What a nice song it always make my day no matter im sad or happy THANKS MAROON AND OWNER OF CHANNEL LOVE U BOTH.
Comment from : MAGMA BOY GAMING

Youtube Video Ranker
You are getting close to the top of the rankings. For the keyword: 'maps lyrics' you currently rank #2. You are almost there.
Comment from : Youtube Video Ranker

Hype house Haha
I also heard this in the mall 2 years ago
Comment from : Hype house Haha

Hype house Haha
Omg I miss this hmmm song so much
Comment from : Hype house Haha

Now. I have just listened to this song.
Comment from : BI BI

Diamonds and Emeralds
I used to be terrified of this song X3
Comment from : Diamonds and Emeralds

i sound like i just took out my wisdom teeth whenever i sing this.
Comment from : pluffuccino

Mishael Lopez
2019 anyone?
Comment from : Mishael Lopez

Trần Dần chấp hết virus corona
This song is a test on my school 😲
Comment from : Trần Dần chấp hết virus corona

Gustavo Meza
why this goddamn song is so relatable to my current situation, fuck
Comment from : Gustavo Meza

Roberta Luchey
WHEN HAVE YOU EVER NEEDED ME AND I WERE NOT THERE ? Seriously i dont understand? Tell me?.......

Comment from : Roberta Luchey

•-Potato Gangster-•
Growing up I thought it was Bruno Mars singing this now I know that’s its not
Comment from : •-Potato Gangster-•

Alexandra The Wildcats
This reminds me of my past history from a long time ago.
Comment from : Alexandra The Wildcats

Lilian Vuong
Listen to the nightcore version!

You won’t regret it.

Comment from : Lilian Vuong

Raul Alejandro Coronado Peralta
any one in september 2019!?
Comment from : Raul Alejandro Coronado Peralta

Music Account
When you wanna finish your Minecraft build but your friend says "I gotta go".
Comment from : Music Account

Kpop Nerd
Any one watching September 2019???
Comment from : Kpop Nerd

SassyGamer 101
Who's here because they feel so betrayed by the people who used to mean the world to you?..
Comment from : SassyGamer 101

Julio Cesar Torres Guardales
Who Is listen this in 2019
Comment from : Julio Cesar Torres Guardales

2020? anyone?
Comment from : Boomer

hailey calder
love the song
Comment from : hailey calder

Plippy :p
sounds likekpop
Comment from : Plippy :p

Dora's favorite song :p
Comment from : SirFum

Bthefireman 2
whos watching in 2020
Comment from : Bthefireman 2

Tenno Boi
Comment from : Tenno Boi

Laney Skye
I rember I think have my little iPod or a iPhone four, at my sis soccer game on the hammock my dad put up:( Rip Good old memories
Comment from : Laney Skye

Ainurrohmah Almahdi
Comment from : Ainurrohmah Almahdi

Fadhel Naufal Rahman
yoo mamenn marii berdansaaaa
Comment from : Fadhel Naufal Rahman

Iori Yagami
I an in hospital

No one care ................😖

Comment from : Iori Yagami

Lucy Sweet Cat
cuando escucho "I was there for you" pienso en la intro de la serie de friends
Comment from : Lucy Sweet Cat

Ryan 10_ 7w7
Whos in 2022?
Comment from : Ryan 10_ 7w7

Papurry _37
Comment from : Papurry _37

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